In these instances a Wingtips is normally issued and will provide guidelines of the rebooking policy and procedure.

Flight Change

If this is simply a flight number, timing, aircraft change, please action as below:

  • Update the PNR to confirm the change
    (the new flight details will show as a TK or SC update to HK and the WK/ UN sector to be HX'd)
  • Check SSR/OSI's are updated
  • Inform your passenger of the flight changes
  • Check the ET reflects the schedule change

Air New Zealand will auto reval 086 ET's for a schedule change providing the journey is entirely on Air New Zealand.

If the new flight time is not suitable your rebook action should be managed within 14 days from the date of the schedule change advice

  • Rebook on an alternative NZ flight within 24 hours (either the day before or the day after) the rescheduled NZ flight
  • Rebook in the same or best available class in the same cabin i.e. economy to economy class
  • If rebooking in a different class to the original booking, a reissue will be required. Reissue the ET with no additional collection (NO ADC) and show 'REISSUE DUE SCHL CHNG' in the endorsements box

Electronic Ticket Check

When the ET does not reflect the new flight details, the ticket MUST be reissued or revalidated. This will enable the Airport to view the passenger(s) ET database when they check in.

When to Reval

  • 086 tickets containing NZ operated services only
  • NZ coupons affected by the flight change(s)
  • Add an OSI item – REVAL DUE SCHL CHNG

When to Reissue

  • All Interline ET's
  • Changes which affect the number of flight coupons
  • Add a ticket endorsement - REISSUE DUE SCHL CHNG
  • Reissue with NO ADC

If you require further assistance please call or email your Agency Sales Support.

Wholesale/Nett tickets

If tickets have been issued by a consolidator or wholesaler, they will be able to assist with the reissue. As being the original issuing agent they have access to the ET database.